Doctors Message to New Mothers   

New mothers chiropracticCongratulations on the newest addition to your family!  This is truly a wonderful time for you, your baby, and your family.  Accompanying this joyous time, you have and will continue to experience many changes in you body (hormonal, physical and emotional).  A woman’s body is specifically designed to handle such welcome changes; however, the stress is exceptional none the less.

These changes alter the normal movement of your spine, sacrum and pelvis.  Some symptoms women experience are lower back and pelvic pain or tingling into the buttocks and legs.  Some women develop carpal tunnel and/or migraine symptoms due to postural alterations.

Post partum care is critical as well because the pelvis has undergone changes to allow the baby to be delivered.  The sacrum, hips and pubic bone mechanics have been altered, and muscles have been stretched and now do not provide the same support to the abdominal and pelvis region.  In addition, you will be carrying the baby in your arm(s) and probably on one hip.  This too will change the body’s normal alignment.

Have women been doing this for thousands of year?  Absolutely.  However, these stressors and alterations play a significant role on your health, especially if they are not addressed.

We utilize state of art equipment to assess spinal nerve tension, muscle and skeletal stress, postural alterations and gentle hands on assessment of spinal and pelvis motion.  Once you have been evaluated, a care plan will be designed specifically for you.

Our office has designed effective chiropractic care programs to aid your body’s natural changes during pregnancy and post partum.  We believe that the body is self healing and self regulating.  Our goal is to remove interferences (subluxations) and allow your body to progress with as little discomfort as possible.

We have designed our care to ease your body through its natural transition and compliment the obstetrical care you are currently receiving.  All test results and treatment plans will be forwarded to your doctor’s office.

 The essence of chiropractic is to treat the person and allow the body to be its best.  Our office truly looks forward to helping you attain your health goals!  Your health is your greatest asset.

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